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Open Water Swimming in Victoria

Open Water swimmers

Each summer in Victoria, thousands of people of all ages take to the beaches around Port Phillip and Westernport bays and the ocean beaches to participate in the fantastic sport of Open Water Swimming.

For some, it's just a great way to combine their love of swimming and the freedom of swimming in the open water.

For others, it's what they train through the cold winter months for, swimming hundreds of kilometres up and down the pool or in the Bay or ocean.

And for some, they just love the excitement and atmosphere of the events.

Why not give it a try - there are shorter novice races at some of the events if you're not sure if you're ready for the full distance. Have a look at the Victorian Open Water Swim Calendar to find an event that suits you.

Masters Swimming Victoria - swimming all year round

Don't just swim in the open water season. Train and compete all year round with one of over 30 Masters Swimming Victoria clubs, including the Casey Seals.

And over the open water season, you can have the added enjoyment of swimming at the open water events with your club teammates. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who may be a bit nervous about competing in these events, especially if you are new to the sport.

To see what we've got for you or to find a club to join, go to the Masters Swimming Victoria website.

The Great Victorian Swim Series

The Great Victorian Swim Series is an ocean swim series for the thousands of recreational swimmers who take part in the open water swims over summer in Victoria.

Cousins Tours and Travel and Light on Landscape have been the main sponsors and organisers of the not-for-profit series since its conception. The crews at Tomato Timing and Race Roster have agreed to take on the administration of the series from the 2022/23 season onwards.

For more information, go to the Great Victorian Swim Series page or the GVSS Facebook group.

OWS Calendars for other States

To see a calendar of open water swim events in other states, go to the following websites. The Ocean Swims website also covers all Australia, so go there for an alternative to these sites.

Western Australia:
New South Wales:

Other Open Water Swimming websites

Cousins Tours & Travel
Cousins Tours & Travel
Cousins TT is a sponsor of many of the open-water events. Contact them for travel packages to major sporting events and for sports tours.
Ocean Swims open water swimming
Ocean Swims
A good source of information about open water swimming, with a calendar of events and results around Australia (NSW-centric).
Brighton Icebergers
Brighton Icebergers
The Brighton Icebergers are a group of hardy swimmers who swim all year at the Middle Brighton Baths. Their informal events include the Winter Pier to Pub at Lorne in July (brrr!) each year.
Black-Ice Open Water Swimming Club
Black-Ice Open Water Swimming Club
A group of long-distance open water swimmers based at Black Rock in summer and Brighton Baths in winter (no wetsuits!).
They offer support and advice for anyone preparing for a long-distance open water swimming event, including the English Channel crossing (they regularly have members doing the crossing), Rottnest, Cook Strait, etc.

More information

The following pages on our website contain further information about open water swimming:

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